Monday, January 26, 2015

Stretching Out the Voice

The other day, I managed to get vocal tracks for most of the songs on the new album at Veneto West. Did numerous takes of nine new songs. I don't think I've ever felt better about a vocal session! It's become a more comfortable situation over time. While I don't believe I have the greatest voice in the world, it's amazing what can happen if you just keep doing something. I now feel that I have a lot more colors in the vocal palette, versus when I first started out. The more you use the voice, the stronger it gets, the more expressive it becomes. The muscles get smarter, and the mind gets less anxious.

Several of the new songs are character-based... And, during the session, Diego pointed out that I should probably be singing in a more dramatic/theatrical way, to try and embody the character(s) more. This was really great advice. And I really got into it. I definitely poured all my heart and soul into these songs.

Next up, we're gonna sit down and finalize the rough tracks we've got so far. And then bring in some other musicians to help round out the songs. Full speed ahead!

(Thanks to Jonas Leddington for the photos!)

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