Wednesday, November 18, 2009 the studio.

A new recording project has begun! OK, perhaps a little background is in order. About a year ago, I decided to put together a band...along the lines of a garage-rock, blues-infused, occasionally noisy kinda thing. At the time, I was heavily into working on my solo record "Seven Years Now" and needed an outlet for raucous, visceral explosions of face-melting bliss. You could say that I had all the yin I could handle and was out shopping for a mad dose of yang. Thankfully, I had the good fortune to befriend drummer Brian Arnold and bass player Sam Sanders. And thus was born Dogs On Television. In this pic, Brian is on the left and that is Sam on the right:

I already had a bunch of songs ready to be particular, the songs "Start A Fire" and "The Jailer" left over from my old band were clamoring for attention. And I knew down the line their pleadings would turn to dreams of being recorded. I dug the idea of writing for DoTV and song after song came along. Some hung out, and seemed to work...others seemed to come and then go.

Anyway, this past weekend DoTV began the recording of a full-length record at Taylor Barefoot Studios in Brighton, MA. After two 10-hour sessions, the Dogs had barked up a storm. We tired...

Seriously though, it's going great. We are fortunate to have as engineer and co-producer, Shane O'Connor. He definitely has a knack for going after the right sound. Plus, anyone who breaks out a theremin is after my own heart! Spooky electronics aside, we are finding all the sounds we need at this studio.

It's a little early to say when this will be done, but it is a much simpler project than "Seven Years Now." So my guess is a CD will be available by Spring 2010. But don't quote me on that. Much work to do! Stay tuned Dog-lovers, I will post more soon.

P.S. A super big thank you to Fallon O'Brien for snapping all the photos!